the Winter Frog Whitton

The Winter Frog Whitton

Filming for a documentary about the first ever winter Frog Whitton.

The Frog Whitton is 96 miles of cycling and 6 miles of swimming. It had never been done in winter before, until December 2020 when, on a cold, rainy day, it finally was.

I joined a small team of three to shoot this brilliant attempt by Ben Robinson, spending 13 hours flying my drone and filming with my camera all around the Lake District. 

Filming for documentaries like this is one of my favourite things and, despite the cold and fatigue, I was in my element whilst shivering in the dark at the side of the road waiting for a cyclist to go past. 

The documentary, shot alongside Benjamin Cannon and director, Jonathan Doyle, is expected to be released in 2021. 

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