I am a freelance photographer and filmmaker based in the UK, mostly found working on outdoorsy projects. 

In mid-2017 I picked up my first DSLR, not quite sure how on earth it worked. In 2018 I truly fell in love with photography and realised that I’d found ‘it’! The thing I wanted to do! In 2019 I flipped that little switch on my camera to ‘record’ and found the world of videography. 

It has been a steeeeeep learning curve. I fell in love with filmmaking and creativity at the same time I fell in love with the outdoors. I’d never been super athletic and I didn’t grow up in an outdoor family. But I used to climb out my bedroom window as a child and sit on the (very high and steep) roof. So I probably should have known I was meant to be a climber. I just found out a little later than a  lot of people do. 

Fast-forward to 2021 – I’m freelance, working on some very exciting documentaries this year, looking to work with brands, people, and on stories that matter. Stories that do not get told enough in the adventure world. 

When I’m not exploring the mountains and forests of the UK, snapping photos of people clambering over rocks, or filming just about anything, I bury myself in my office: writing, and editing away on any given photography or film project.

I have worked on some really incredible projects – brand work, as well as outdoor documentaries and  short films. I love flying my drone (known to chase very fast cyclists), I hang off cliff-faces, camera in hand, and enjoy a little bit of Scottish winter suffering. 

Find me on instagram @rachelsarahm

Inquire below about collaborative projects, prints, and to hire me. I am SO READY for some new, exciting projects in the beautiful outdoors.

You can also email me directly at rachel@rachelsarahmedia.com