I am a freelance outdoor filmmaker and photographer based in the UK, specialising in adventure sport and environmental stories.

In mid-2017 I picked up my first DSLR, not quite sure how on earth it worked. In 2018 I truly fell in love with photography and realised that I’d found ‘it’! The thing I wanted to do. In 2019 I flipped that little switch on my camera to ‘record’ and found the world of filmmaking, committing my whole life to pursuing this as a career and passion.

I now work on short films and documentaries about stories with meaning, the kind of stories that do not get told enough in the adventure world. I also work with brands on campaigns, with some of my most recent work being with Jack Wolfskin, Porsche, Global Cycling Network and The Women’s Trad Festival. 

In both my documentary and my brand work, it’s important for me to create work with meaning, to me and those who watch it. It’s a cliché but for me it is all about telling stories that have a positive impact, not just creating content for content’s sake.

I have worked on some really incredible projects – brand work, as well as outdoor documentaries and  short films. I love flying my drone, hanging off cliff faces, and shooting in the water, too. One of the things I love about filmmaking is how multifaceted it can be, and I truly enjoy experimenting with different styles and disciplines, equally happy in a wetsuit in the ocean as I am in a cosy synthetic down jacket in Scottish winter. 

Find me sporadically on instagram at @rachelsarahm

You can also email me directly at rachel@rachelsarahmedia.com