An ode to Bosigran

an ode to Bosigran

A short, cinematic free solo climbing film on the rocks of Bosigran, Cornwall. 

A passion project born from the love of climbing and the need to experience the beauty of the south coast.

I’d never sea-cliff climbed before this project. I spent two separate trips in autumn 2020 with co-director, Jonathan Doyle, hanging off the side of cliffs and running along Commando Ridge in the hope of creating a beautiful short film where the focus, the main character, is the place. Not the climber. 

This was such an interesting and challenging short film to edit, as I decided to rely only on soundscape and voiceover, no music – with the sounds all being captured as we filmed, and the voice a natural conversation with Mark as we all sat together on the cliffs, with the sea and birds in the background as he spoke. Though lots of elements of the filming were planned, it was also a film created from natural experiences and a love for being on this rock in the summer days. 

This sweet, short film turned out a lot different than we anticipated, but it brings back a lot of memories and we hope it captures that gentle, almost inexplicable love for climbing in the UK that we feel.