A collection of writings about projects, adventures, and general musings. Good to read if you want to get to know me a little better. 

Hard Raw Vegan Chocolate Recipe

Your raw chocolate will taste best after 2 days (if they last that long!) as the flavours will really settle and complement each other.

tongariro crossing new zealand

Hitch-hiking in Mordor

Oh yes. No bus. Without phone service, weapons or elven cloaks, we’re stranded. In Mordor. MORDOR.

teenage love nostalgia

On your first love.

This magical idea of ‘getting over somebody’, of removing them from your memories, like an entire portion of your life is so easily removable, isn’t attainable.

Thailand forest photography travel

Predatory TEFL teachers

When a 31 year old teacher in Thailand possesses ‘Asian teen’ porn on his laptop, we have a problem.

thailand koh samui panorama

A naked body is a naked body.

It really is a strange feeling, knowing the very curves, angles, aesthetics of your body are an offence, a cause of embarrassment.

flowers thailand photo

A little note: on love & miles.

The transient nature of traveling life is both selfish and self-harming. Ambition slowly gnaws away at connections, affections.