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Photographing the Amazon | Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica

You know when you don’t even have to wake up early, but you do anyway because you have it in your head that you want something? That was me. I had this vision of getting the perfect jungle video and photos, with the golden hour sunlight filtering through the trees.

urban kitchen lima

Eating too much in Lima | A gastronomical tour

As well as our shot, we had a ginger Pisco drink made for us, and wine served at the dinner table. Safe to say this set the tone for the rest of the trip: alcohol, and plenty of it.

Touchdown in Lima

“The jittery nerves I’d been feeling in the days leading up to the trip just disappeared as I looked out of the plane window.”​

Stay in

Perhaps it’s time to enjoy the little things you might forget to enjoy sometimes and remember that rest might be what you need, however much you fight it, and try to do too much.

Be alone

The beauty of solo travel, of backyard adventures, of being able to take yourself off into the wilderness to switch off for a while – to focus on creation, reflection, and a few hours of peace.

Vegan at Disneyland Paris | Summer 2019

I’ve compiled a very quick list of places at Disneyland Paris I would recommend – easy to screenshot or glance at when you’re working out where to find vegan food.

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Don’t let one thing define you

Experimenting through so many things helped lead me to this point, knowing a little more about who I am by not defining myself as one thing.

Blindly enjoying the natural world

Blindly enjoying the natural world just isn’t an option for me anymore; sustainable life choices and travel have become intrinsically linked and I’m wondering how I can do more. There’s more to ethical living than veganism.

drone Castle Rock of Triermain

Trad at the Castle Rock of Triermain

We thought that golden hour was falling a little flat. How wrong we were. I sent the Mavic up and it captured what my own, high viewpoint eyes couldn’t quite get: an even higher sweep of the two valleys, the misty hidden mountains in the background, and the stillness of the air.

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Why you should travel solo

I am putting more value into being alone. Not just accidentally, but to actually go out and seek aloneness.

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Different perspectives

So, I packed up the camera bag and we headed out. Out into rain, heavy skies, small breaks.

old man of storr portrait

Don’t go to Skye! (in winter)

On the 1st, we woke up to quiet. It was still dark when we stumbled around the little cottage, gathering our things and hoping for, finally, a beautiful dawn.

Deer Scotland

Don’t feed the deer

You know when a simple comment leads to an adventure you didn’t quite expect? 

A selfish year

A wholly selfish year, and a lot of running before I’m even really crawling.

Writing what feels right

For the better part of a year, I’ve been swirled up in thoughts of the persona I should now be, so I could become ‘successful’.

Magic at Leeds Light Night

So, I did anybody would when confronted with a curious child – I showed her the photos and started telling her all about Light Night.