“Your photos make people happy.”

Thursday 25th July 2019

I don’t really know how I’m going to translate the past 12 days into words, into something that somebody can read and really understand.

I’m say here in the departure lounge of Cusco airport with a sore throat and a rolling stomach – the result of the past week and a bit, exploring a beautiful place with people who are no longer strangers to me. I have never felt so open, so soon, with a group of new people. 

Right now I don’t want to document what happened, more just how I’m feeling right now.

Taking a breath here is different, so high up. I breathe more deliberately and I can’t get away with holding my breath whilst I take photos like I do, unconsciously, at home. There is a very slight, permanent dizziness that I actually enjoy.

I know I want this. I have found it. Whilst staring up at the Milky Way 5,000 (?) metres up in the middle of the Andes – I found it. What I want to do. Documenting other people’s experiences – good and bad – connecting with them. At the time I said “this is a moment”. We stood together in the cold, the frost.

Just looking at the stars.

No photos or words will ever do a moment like that justice. But, I tried. I stayed up late into the night trying to capture the stars. I’m no astrophotographer – yet. 

“Your photos make people happy.”

– something that was said to me recently. And it’s only just starting to sink in what photo and video means to other people. The emotions that are brought out both when you point the camera in their direction and then when you look at the screen together at what you created – together.

I am happiest with a camera in my hand. 

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