Vegan at Disneyland Paris | Summer 2019

I came back from Disneyland Paris just yesterday, and found myself wanting to make an easy food guide for vegans heading there soon!  There are some great blogs online about this already (I’ll link them at the end) but I did struggle to  find something really succinct and completely up to date.

So I’ve compiled a very quick list of places  I would recommend – easy to screenshot or glance at when you’re working out where to go in the main Disneyland Park, in the Disney Village, and at the Studios. 

I’ve also written some notes about my own thoughts on vegan milk, alcohol, and the allergen lists that all restaurants provide (can be a little tricky to work out what’s vegan and what’s just possible contamination).

I hope this helps! Just scroll down for a quick guide to being vegan at Disneyland. 

(I apologise in advance for terrible photos I was not on food photo form this trip!)

In a nutshell

I would recommend:

(In rough order of quality/ pricing of options in my opinion). 

Annette's Diner


Disney Village

American-style diner

1 veg + tofu burger, 1 soy steak burger

*no plant-based milk for shakes

Fuente del Oro


Disneyland Park

‘Mexican’ Fast Food

Vegan churros are good sweet/dessert

*unconfirmed if veg Chilli is vegan

Earl of Sandwich


Disneyland Park

Cafe, Counter Service

Veggie sandwich can be veganised – swap cheese + sauce for avocado

*Had a very difficult time with servers

Agrabah Café


Disneyland Park

Middle-Eastern Buffet

Hummus, cous cous, pita, veggies etc. 

Only fruit for dessert, not even baclava 🙁



Outside all parks

Italian dining

Multiple vegan options, get pizza w/o cheese

*a nightmare at busy times – avoid

Market House Deli


Disneyland Park

Cafe, Counter Service

The Sandwich aux Legumes is vegan + tastes pretty good

*Often long waits  but an easy + cheaper option

Last Chance Cafe


Disneyland Park

‘Mexican’ Fast Food

Vegan (labelled) Chilli + vegan friendly fries

*Only other option is chicken wings – offputting


Disney Village

Coffee Shop

Only place I could find coffee with vegan milk

*No vegan cakes or desserts like in theUK

Planet Hollywood


Disneyland Park

Cafe, Counter Service

Several dishes that can be veganised – burger, soup, pasta, noodles

*Expensive, reviews of bad experience online 

Bistrot Chez Rémy


Walt Disney Studios

French dining

tofu + veggie main + veggie starters

*Expensive, no decent dessert imo 

Rainforest Cafe


Disney Village


Veggie burger can be veganised 

*No decent vegan desserts, fruit

Captain Jack's


Disneyland Park

Cafe, Counter Service

Veggie page with vegan options like vegetable curry 

*Mainly seafood based which is off putting 

I personally didn’t visit Captain Jack’s, Bistrot Chez Remy, or Planet Hollywood but have included them on this list due to other people’s recommendations and high praise from other vegans who have tried those dishes. 

There are other vegan options in the park, like the salad at Hyperion, however I haven’t included them because I honestly don’t think those options are good enough to warrant being featured – them being an overpriced salad with no nutritional value (e.g. no chickpeas, tofu added etc).

Vegan snacks at Disneyland Paris

  • Churros
  • Popcorn
  • Lollipops (check ingredients)
  • Toffee apples
  • Candyfloss
  • Sorbet

Vegan milk at Disneyland Paris

This stuff is GOLD DUST. It’s really disappointing that I couldn’t find any coffee place that could make me a latte, except Starbucks. 

This also meant that all the shakes at Disneyland couldn’t be veganised. This is a huge shame as it’s pretty simple to just swap out the dairy milk for plant-based milk; I was a bit sad I couldn’t have a shake at Victoria’s when we visited.

Vegan alcohol at Disneyland Paris

You’re generally safe with the spirits and fruit juice cocktails etc however I just gave up on trying to find out whether any of the wines were vegan. They’re not labelled and also not very easy to find online.

Vegan desserts at Disneyland Paris

Fruit, fruit, fruit. Another disappointment is the absolute lack of vegan desserts at Disneyland (which could have been forgiven if the shakes could be veganised!) – as somebody with a sweet tooth, not being able to get any cakes sucked. 

The only saving grace is the vegan churros at Fuente Del Oro. The only worry about these is that, when given the allergy list to look at, the milk box is ticked. Myself and others have asked the staff about this and it seems it’s just a precautionary allergy warning rather than an actual ingredient.

More on the allergy menus at Disneyland Paris

It’s really good that every dining place at Disneyland Paris has an allergy menu, with each item on there and the possible allergens – it’s super helpful for vegans and people who have allergies. 

What isn’t great, however, is that there is NO distinction between an allergen warning (cross-contamination) and the actual ingredients of a dish!

For example, the vegetable burger at Hyperion ticked the FISH allergen box. 

This stuff is really important for allergen sufferers to know, however most vegans I know will still eat something if it has the ‘may contain milk‘ warning, as we know it’s about the production place rather than the ingredients.

The issue is that I just didn’t know the difference and therefore erred on the side of caution on this trip, perhaps missing out on some possible vegan dishes because I was being very careful. 

Despite the growing options, being vegan at Disneyland Paris is still, frankly, a pain.

The ONLY vegan labelled option is the vegan mexican chilli at Last Chance Cafe – the rest you just have to figure out (or research) yourself. Staff don’t always know what’s vegan or what can be veganised, either. Which can be hard especially if you add a language barrier to the mix. 

Vegan-friendly Improvements I hope to see in Disneyland Paris:

  • Non-dairy milk available, park-wide, for coffees, teas, and shakes
  • Vegan or vegan-available options to be clearly labelled on the menus with an obvious vegan symbol different to vegetarian. 
  • Vegan dessert options that aren’t just fruit 

To be honest, France isn’t the most vegan friendly country I’ve visited – it was worse when I went skiing in January! But… for such a popular place like Disneyland, it really should be more easier to eat vegan food or know more clearly about what’s in your food if you have an allergy. 

Some more fairly recent blog posts from other veggie bloggers about being vegan at Disneyland Paris: 




Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything, or if anything has changed!

Rach x

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  1. Thanks a lot for mentioning us!
    We’ll visit Disneyland Paris this autumn/winter again and update our blogpost. Yours will definitely be a great help!
    I was unaware of a vegan(ised) burger at the Rainforest Café, sounds awesome. 🙂

    1. No problem! I found your blog really helpful 🙂

      Yes the burger was so good! I think it all depends on the member of staff you talk to at the time – sometimes if there’s too much of a language barrier you can err on the side of caution and not find out what can be veganised!

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