Stay in

You know when things just don’t go to plan?

When you’ve got your heart set on something but it just doesn’t pan out?

Perhaps it’s time to enjoy the little things you might forget to enjoy sometimes and remember that rest might be what you need, however much you fight it, and try to do too much.

And we all do too much sometimes, it’s just a condition we are obsessed with, with being productive and useful and active – which are all important in their way.

But so is slowing down.

Every once in a while to take time to sit, to be bored, even, so you have an opportunity to reflect and feel how you feel, instead of always pushing forward.

To enjoy the noise of your own breath, the turning of a page, the quiet of not being overwhelmed with expectation or the need to be somewhere or someone.

Maybe it’s time to stay in. 

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