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Machu Picchu was not what I expected

Tuesday 23rd July, 2019, 09:00am A lie in.  Well... kind of.  After post-Rainbow Mountain dinner and drinks, I kind of floated into bed; falling asleep  was a lovely, cosy blur. I mostly remember …

I lost my drone on Rainbow Mountain

Since my ankle injury I don't really run anymore, and that's at sea-level. So it's pretty safe to say that running at over 5,000 meters wasn't really something I was …

Mountain Biking in the Sacred Valley

We didn't really know what to expect so when we started spotting snowcapped peaks out of the windows, the excitement started to build. Mountain biking? Here? With views like this? …

Acclimatising and drone flying in Cusco

It was chilly. The light was perfect. I saw this orange city in a completely different way than I had before, the roofs all creating this golden quality that just …

Photographing the Amazon Jungle

You know when you don't even have to wake up early, but you do anyway because you have it in your head that you want something? That was me. I …

Touchdown in Lima

"The jittery nerves I'd been feeling in the days leading up to the trip just disappeared as I looked out of the plane window."​

Different perspectives

So, I packed up the camera bag and we headed out. Out into rain, heavy skies, small breaks.

Don’t go to Skye! (in winter)

On the 1st, we woke up to quiet. It was still dark when we stumbled around the little cottage, gathering our things and hoping for, finally, a beautiful dawn.

Magic at Leeds Light Night

So, I did anybody would when confronted with a curious child - I showed her the photos and started telling her all about Light Night.