Not everybody can write

Do you want to hire a copywriter who can’t actually write?

Okay, I guess I should clarify off the bat that the headline is kind of inaccurate. Anybody can write. But, what I’m saying is that perhaps not everybody should write. Or, rather, be a copywriter.

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Do you value your content in the same way you value everything else?

Most people will say yes. But… that answer isn’t necessarily reflected in the writing world as copywriting is one of the most devalued skills in this age of content mills and fast-paced media.

This devaluing of how sentences are crafted is damaging the industry, turning an in-demand service into a messy competition with a ridiculous myriad of different competency levels.

This can leave those hunting for a content writer at a bit of a loss, not really knowing how much they should be paying, often just going for a cheaper option and then often ending up with, worst case, something they hate or, best case, something they can kind of deal with.

Experience vs. competency

There’s only so much a writer can learn

Now, I don’t want competency to be mistaken for experience. You can find an amazing writer who doesn’t have much experience.

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Writing is a craft. And with any craft, you hone it. A writer tweaks and practices and edits until they find a style that’s unique to them but versatile enough to blend with a variety of projects.

But there comes a point, a line that separates good writers from… the not good writers. And this piece isn’t a form of narcissistic self congratulation, a piece about me feeling that I’m a good writer. It’s an acknowledgement that this is my thing. But it’s not everybody’s thing. In the same way my sales-y friends are doing a commission-based job I’d definitely fail at, and the way my software engineer friends do work that would literally make my head explode. 

Now, the question: do you want to hire a good – no, great! – writer? 

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There’s no wrong answer. Because if your business just needs some average content to look blog-busy, power to you. If that’s what you need then that’s what you’ll go for.

If you’re rebuilding your state-of-the-art website, you’re likely spending thousands on new development and on UX testing and everything else. Why would you want anything less than perfect when it comes to content? It can be tempting to see that small ‘$’ price tag on Upwork and think you’ve found the one. But will you be head over heels with the final product?

If you want to really fall in love with the content you’ve commissioned, find a copywriter, say hello, get to know them and see what they can do for you. 


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