Magic at Leeds Light Night

Being busy with client work often means I put side projects and ‘fun’ photography sessions aside.

Leeds Light Night was a few weeks ago now, but I was only able to find time to edit my photos yesterday, when sitting in a hospital waiting room. Yep, busy freelance life means we work when we can. I think that might be relatable to many other freelancers.

I was sat, waiting for Tom to finish his appointment, editing away, when a little girl came and sat next to me. She had some scrapes and a broken wrist, and had been in the hospital for a couple of days! Despite how tired she must have been, she leant over, intrigued, and asked me where the photos were from.

So, I did anybody would when confronted with a curious child – I showed her the photos and started telling her all about Light Night. She was a little awed -she had never been! – and was very, very complimentary about my photography.

So here are some of my snaps:

There are also some more in my events gallery.

Thank you, little girl, for being so lovely and teaching me some new stuff about Dinosaurs. I hope you heal quickly and see the beautiful lights of Leeds Light Night next year.



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