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Machu Picchu was not what I expected

Tuesday 23rd July, 2019, 09:00am A lie in.  Well... kind of.  After post-Rainbow Mountain dinner and drinks, I kind of floated into bed; falling asleep  was a lovely, cosy blur. I mostly remember …

I lost my drone on Rainbow Mountain

Since my ankle injury I don't really run anymore, and that's at sea-level. So it's pretty safe to say that running at over 5,000 meters wasn't really something I was …

Touchdown in Lima

"The jittery nerves I'd been feeling in the days leading up to the trip just disappeared as I looked out of the plane window."​

A change of scenery

What does productivity mean to you? And how can you incorporate a change of scenery no matter what your job?

Content without context

You use your keywords too much, Google takes one look, goes “nope" and blacklists your website into oblivion.

Who are you?

How to find your brand tone and communicate it in a way that makes sense.