FAQs and Pricing

Have some questions about my photography or marketing? Pricing, travel, experience. It’s all here.

Where are you based? How far are you willing to travel? 

I’m based in Leeds, UK. A pretty neat city I’m a bit in love with.

Marketing & Copywriting

When it comes to writing, it doesn’t really matter how far away you are; we can chat over email or Skype.

If you’re Leeds based, I’m more than happy to meet over a coffee before starting a project! I can always venture a little further afield, too.

If you’re hiring me on my day-rate for a few days (or more) and want to see my face in the office, we can also arrange that.

Photography & Videography 

My trusty car will get me pretty much anywhere, so I’m happy to travel to wherever your event or chosen photoshoot location is!

If you’re a little stuck on choosing a location for your shoot, I can recommend plenty of urban and natural locations around Yorkshire.

Locations 50+ miles from Leeds will incur additional travel costs.

What is your pricing?

Photography  & Videography

Portrait sessions start at £125

Event photography begins at £250

Video projects begin at £450

If you’d like a free quote for a photography or videography package, just message me outlining what you need and I can work out a unique quote for you.


My day rate is between £280-£350, project dependant. 

My one off article rate, based on 1,000 words, is £50-£100, research and topic dependant.

Social media services begin at £350 per month.

With anything else, this does depend on the kind of project and research involved. For one-off smaller projects, I charge by the hour. For website content and  longer-term projects, I charge a set agreed fee with you.

Contact me outlining your needs and I’ll get back to you with a quote.


If you are an ethical charity or business – let me know. You get a cheeky 15% discount off any photography or copywriting quote for being awesome. 

What is your experience?

Photography and Videography is something that’s been a passion or years, and only in the past year has become a career. I have worked at weddings, taken headshots, done product shoots and art launches. Adventure Photography and Videography have now become the centre of my life and business.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve tended to lean towards creative and magazine writing as well as blog articles. However, more recently, I’ve spent a lot of time working on improving the UX of webpages which has included a more techy side as well as the content side, optimising websites with engaging SEO content, and I’ve also done a fair few product descriptions for a variety of different marketplaces.


I see you have videos in your footer. Do you do videography, too?

Videography is something I am currently building on, and I’m more than happy to have a chat about creating a short video for you. This could be an addition to a photography package or standalone.

This would be priced at a entry videographer level. But I think I’m pretty good so you’ll be getting a good deal.

Have a question that’s not answered above? Ask away!