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Don’t go to Skye! (in winter)

On the 1st, we woke up to quiet. It was still dark when we stumbled around the little cottage, gathering our things and hoping for, finally, a beautiful dawn.

Deer Scotland

Don’t feed the deer

You know when a simple comment leads to an adventure you didn’t quite expect? 

A selfish year

A wholly selfish year, and a lot of running before I’m even really crawling.

Writing what feels right

For the better part of a year, I’ve been swirled up in thoughts of the persona I should now be, so I could become ‘successful’.

Magic at Leeds Light Night

So, I did anybody would when confronted with a curious child – I showed her the photos and started telling her all about Light Night.

A body is [just] a body

I think back about how it felt to be the subject of a life drawing class. How sitting, standing, laying, naked made me feel liberated.

A change of scenery

What does productivity mean to you? And how can you incorporate a change of scenery no matter what your job?

Why are we still making shoes with animal glue?

Why make a perfectly decent pair of synthetic shoes but fall at the last hurdle by not being quite sure whether the glue contains animals? Or why make synthetic shoes and put a dash of leather or suede for decoration?

The world is changing and the synthetic options for just about anything are astoundingly good.

Content without context

You use your keywords too much, Google takes one look, goes “nope” and blacklists your website into oblivion.

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Who are you?

How to find your brand tone and communicate it in a way that makes sense.


A beautiful sunset, a vegetarian couple sitting next to me, vegan food, a serene sense of both leaving and coming home.

Hard Raw Vegan Chocolate Recipe

Your raw chocolate will taste best after 2 days (if they last that long!) as the flavours will really settle and complement each other.

tongariro crossing new zealand

Hitch-hiking in Mordor

Oh yes. No bus. Without phone service, weapons or elven cloaks, we’re stranded. In Mordor. MORDOR.

teenage love nostalgia

On your first love.

This magical idea of ‘getting over somebody’, of removing them from your memories, like an entire portion of your life is so easily removable, isn’t attainable.

Thailand forest photography travel

Predatory TEFL teachers

When a 31 year old teacher in Thailand possesses ‘Asian teen’ porn on his laptop, we have a problem.