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Trad at the Castle Rock of Triermain

We thought that golden hour was falling a little flat. How wrong we were. I sent the Mavic up and it captured what my own, high viewpoint eyes couldn't quite …

Why you should travel solo

I am putting more value into being alone. Not just accidentally, but to actually go out and seek aloneness.

Hitch-hiking in Mordor

Oh yes. No bus. Without phone service, weapons or elven cloaks, we're stranded. In Mordor. MORDOR.

A naked body is a naked body.

It really is a strange feeling, knowing the very curves, angles, aesthetics of your body are an offence, a cause of embarrassment.

A little note: on love & miles.

The transient nature of traveling life is both selfish and self-harming. Ambition slowly gnaws away at connections, affections.